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Why lease commercial property?

Sandyford properties Why lease commercial property

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 09:39 am

Commercial property, like residential property, can be occupied in two ways, as freehold or leasehold. This means you can buy it yourself, or you can rent from a landlord.

For many businesses, applying their capital into their core business (for example, in buying plant and equipment, staff training, R&D etc) will have a much faster return on investment than buying a property. This means that often it can be more conducive to profitability and business valuation to rent a property rather than buy. Moreover, it can provide the flexibility to change premises as your business grows and develops.

At Sandyford Properties we lease a selection of high-quality office, retail and industrial commercial property units across Staffordshire and Cheshire.

As a leading landlord in the region, we know that running a business out of a property not suited to your specific needs can negatively impact your goals.

Our property specialist Paul Brindley explains the key points that you should consider when looking to lease the ideal commercial property for your business:


Location requirements depend heavily on the type of business you run. Consider how accessible you are, or need to be, to your resources, suppliers and customers.

One of our customers, Nick Goodwin was looking for a place to re-locate so that he could widen his customer base for his business, NG2 Fitness. We settled him into a unit located off the A50 in Stoke-on-Trent. He’s been in the unit for over a year now and has really seen what a difference having purpose fit premises can make.

Nick said: “Following a desire to widen my client base, amend my business model and re-locate, Sandyford Properties provided the perfect opportunity for my business to grow. They are an approachable and sympathetic landlord and are keen to offer advice and help whenever it is needed.”


When considering your ideal commercial property, you should also check that the lease is suited to your business needs. A typical commercial property lease will require the occupier to keep the property in good repair which means that if expensive items such as the roof goes wrong, it is the tenant’s responsibility.

At Sandyford Properties we offer occupiers the ability to pay a small monthly amount to pass this liability onto an external maintenance provider so that costs relating to property occupation can be quantified and fixed to the extent properly. This takes much of the risk out of property occupation and allows occupiers to properly plan for their business.

Shaun Lees is the Managing Director at Patera Engineering Ltd which is situated in our City Park estate. They’ve seen two property owners come and go prior to Sandyford and have commented on the different experience they’ve had since we took ownership of the site.

Shaun said: “When Sandyford Properties acquired the site two years ago, we immediately noticed a change in approach, and we have found them accessible and easy to work with. They are based locally and are visible on site.”

We were so pleased to hear his feedback and being based locally puts us in a better position to support and service our occupiers.

Business Growth

When viewing potential sites don’t forget to consider the potential to allow your business to grow. Think about where you want your business to be in five or 10-years’ time? The range of commercial property that we have in areas such as Stoke-on-Trent and Chester provides us with the flexibility to allow you to change your property as your business needs change.

DB Security is one of our occupiers which has grown through several units.

Owner of the academy Darren Mood said: “Working with Sandyford Properties is so easy. They just sort everything out for you. They also have trust in me, it goes both ways. We’ve built a great relationship and I also do some security work for them now.

“The team are great, they’re all nice and friendly. They listen to you and your problems and find a solution for you. It’s saved me loads of time in terms of searching for new locations.”

We pride ourselves on supporting local businesses which is why we believe our commercial property business continues to grow and be a success. We work with our occupiers to make sure all three of these points are well covered, and we have over 280 properties so we can find something to suit the requirements of any business.

If you’re looking for the perfect commercial property to help grow your business, browse our current vacancies.