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SignaturePG Ltd

Last updated on October 4th, 2023 at 09:59 am


SignaturePG Ltd (SPG) occupies Unit F1 City Park Trading EstateDewsbury Road, Fenton. The 13,500sqft unit is one of 16 on the established industrial estate which has units ranging from 1,300sqft to 16,000sqft.   


SPG has been occupying Unit F1 for six years and has seen three owners take care of the estate, Sandyford Properties being “the best by far”.  

SPG supplies personalised gifts to the trade, this includes ceramics, engraving and laser, printed products and embroidery and many more to e-commerce, mail order and retail businesses. In 2015, Managing Director Debbi Hancock relocated to the Fenton based trading estate to support the growth of her business.  

She said: “This unit was much bigger and was in a great location. It’s very central being in the heart of the potteries which is important to us as part of our business is in ceramics and all of my staff are from Hanley, Stoke, Fenton and surrounding areas so it’s better for them.” 

The company, which has continued to grow, found itself needing more space in 2019, a request Sandyford Properties were more than happy to handle. Rather than uprooting the business again, Sandyford Properties identified unused space in the unit next door. 

Negotiations began and SPG was able to expand into the adjoining unit. Debbi added:

“The guys at Sandyford Properties were brilliant. We needed more space for offices and storage and it was as simple as, if we couldn’t have expanded, we would have had to move. We told them our requirements and they immediately did what they could to help. They also installed the Mezzanine for us which was a big help.” 

The City Park Trading estate was appealing to Debbi in the first place due to its “size, location and competitive rent”, and she doesn’t regret her decision to relocate her business. Sandyford Properties took ownership of the property in 2018 and Debbi has nothing but great things to say about the company.  She commented:

“Sandyford Properties are the best landlords I’ve ever had. They’re the third ones we have on this estate and the biggest thing that makes them stand out is how much they care, and I think that’s down to them being a family business. They really maintain their commercial properties in Stoke well and if ever there’s an issue they resolve it. No matter what, you know they care about their occupiers and helping their businesses to succeed.”