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DB Security

Last updated on October 4th, 2023 at 09:49 am


DB Security occupies Unit 7A Oldham Street, on Joiners Square Industrial Estate. It’s a 3000sqft unit amongst 58 other businesses situated in units varying in size from 1000sqft to 6,000sqft. It is also home to Sandyford Properties and DB Security’s future location, a 6000sqft unit at 1C Mitchell House.


The unprecedented growth of DB Security has meant that it has already expanded out of its brand-new location. Thanks to the swift and efficient response from Sandyford Properties, a new unit with double the space has been sourced and is being prepped for an imminent move.

DB Security is a full-service security firm dealing with supply, install and maintenance. It also has a shop and supplies to trade, and according to owner Darren Mood “business is booming”.

DB Security came to Sandyford Properties five years ago as their existing landlord was behaving inappropriately. Darren walked into Sandyford Properties’ office and one conversation later, had great new premises that he could move his business straight into.

He said: “I always knew Sandyford Properties were there. I just walked in, spoke to the team, and straight away they offered me the unit at Trent Industrial Estate. It was a comfortable, slick and simple move.”

The company originally occupied Unit 8, Trent Trading Park in Hanley which is a 1200sqft space and in January of this year upsized to the 3000sqft Unit at Oldham Street at Joiners Square Industrial Estate.

The rapid pace in which Darren’s business is growing meant that he put in another phone call to Sandyford. That was the extent of the effort that Darren had to go through as Sandyford immediately sourced a 6000sqft unit at 1C Mitchell House.

Darren added: “Working with Sandyford Properties is so easy. They just sort everything out for you. They also have trust in me, it goes both ways. We’ve built a great relationship and I also do some security work for them now.

“The team are great, they’re all nice and friendly. They listen to you and your problems and find a solution for you. It’s saved me loads of time in terms of searching for new locations.”